What Others Say: Merry Neitlich

“As a former competitive athlete Dave Diggle intuitively understands what it means to perform under pressure. He has taken these skills and successfully merged them with cutting edge research and knowledge all focussed at getting his athletes to the top of their performance game. 

I liked the building effect and connections from week to week. I was completely impressed with how important it was for Dave to have me satisfied with the program. 

I really looked forward to each session and thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave. 

I love his sense of humor and his love for what he does.”

Merry Neitlich – USA National Figure Skating Champion


What Others Say: Lachie Turner

“Before I started working with Dave I was going on a bit of a downward spiral. I was finding I was falling more and more into my shell and not delivering enough on the field.

One day I was approached about working with Dave and thought it was probably the first steps to getting out of the rut I was in. Steadily we’ve been trying to build myself (and my confidence) back up.

I think the biggest thing with Dave is that he is not only concentrating on me as a player but me as a person. I’m a big believer that if I’m happy off the field, then I’ll play well and on field takes care of itself. I think that Daves been really helpful in helping me figure out as much on the field what’s going on with what’s going on off the field – I think it’s having a universal impact. 

It’s been a great help to me to have someone to bounce ideas off and he’s pretty insightful. He’s extremely switched on, he’s very smart and filled me with assurance straight away and that’s pretty rare in this business. 

I was extremely comfortable working with Dave, we’ve got a great rapport together now. I’m enjoying our sessions and I can see the benefit of it, not just on the field but through my entire life.”

Lachie Turner – Rugby Union Player – QLD Reds – Australian Wallabies

What Others Say: Jake Parsons

“Before I started working with Dave, my performances were a bit inconsistent. I had some really good ones, but then I’d go to a race expecting to do really well and I just didn’t perform.

I felt like I needed someone to coach me mentally. I felt physically and mentally I was able to do it, but not all the time.” 

“So I looked outside of normal training techniques and thought if I can get the edge over some of my competitors that they are not doing – definitely I should go for that.

The biggest things I have learnt from the Smart Mind Institute is that I am capable of being at the top level and competing at my best, but I need some help with that to be consistently doing that.

I think people in a similar situation to me should definitely look at going and getting a mind coach. It’s just one of those areas where people don’t pay too much attention to, but it’s vital in improving your performances and being consistently at your best.

The greatest thing about working with Dave has been the chats we’ve had (and the jokes that he makes) – but the ways that he can help me in improving my performances is the biggest bonus. And he’s had the experience himself of being an athlete so he knows the situation I am in and the circumstances that I face and the best ways to approach them.”

Jake Parsons – Australian Formula Ford Racing Car Driver – Rookie of the Year 2013

What Others Say: Marcus Stoinis

“The whole experience was so professional and organised. One thing that has stood out since the initial 2 day programme is my ability to now focus, perform and make the best decisions in all circumstances. 

I honestly enjoyed the whole process and couldn’t be happier. A massive thing for me has been I don’t feel like my results have been coincidental, I feel like I will perform every week and every game. 

The improvements I have seen have all come along so quickly, it is exciting because it still feels like its getting better and better. I will keep working with what I have learnt both in my cricket and my life.”

Marcus Stoinis – Victorian Cricketer – Australian International


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