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What Sports Mind Coaching Can Do for Any Athlete

One can be extremely strong when it comes to the physical aspects of a sport, however being mentally strong also has its advantages. Having the right mental preparation for a big game or competition can mean the difference between first and second place. Athletes that are having trouble developing themselves mentally often turn to mind coaching to develop things such as mental toughness, confidence, performance sustainability and motivation.

A sports mind coach knows the demands and pressures constantly put on athletes, whether it is someone competing in the Olympics or someone playing on a local club team. Mind coaching will ensure that an athlete can stay in control of his or her life, be able to deal with demands, utilise strategies that will assist in dealing with distractions and other negative elements, and be able to excel by reflecting on what works for the particular individual.

Any athlete can benefit from utilising the services of a mind coach. A coach that is well-versed in the psychology of sport can design individual programmes and strategies for each athlete, ensuring they get the most out of their sporting career and experience ultimate success.

Dave Diggle: Sports Mind Coach

Dave-Diggle-bwBorn in London, Dave Diggle is a veteran of the sporting arena with over 35 years competitive and hands on experience.

After representing Great Britain as both a Junior and Senior International Gymnast, Dave channelled his passion into teaching and coaching.

With a background as an elite performance coach, he has turned his attention to the psychological battles both coaches and athletes face today.

With international qualifications in Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and cognitive and behavioural science, Dave has combined his physical training background with his studies in mind coaching, to develop insightful programs helping athletes and coaches excel in any elite sport.

Dave concentrates on the athlete as a player, and also as a person, which has a universal impact on what is going on not only on the field but also off the field.

Through his consulting, coaching and clinics, Dave offers a truly refreshing perspective as he redefines the meaning of effective communication, and offers a creative approach to how we can deal with the challenges of elite performance.

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