Smart Coach Smart Athlete Intensive 2 Day

The Smart Coach Smart Athlete Intensive is a highly interactive 2 day training specifically designed for elite athletes, high performance coaches and the crew that goes into making the team.

It has been crafted to nurture smarter performing and highly responsive athletes and to develop more intuitive and interactive coaches.

As an athlete…

Consider you in your sport…

Are you physically stronger than your competition?

Do they have better equipment than you?

… Chances are, probably not. So what is the difference that makes the difference?

You, like me, knows just what it takes to be an elite athlete. The hours of physical conditioning that is required just to stay in the game, let alone dominate it.

Think about this… 100% of all ‘action’ is driven by the mind – so, how much time do you consider conditioning and preparing your mind?

The mind game is a far bigger player than you may have thought.

The only thing you have that they don’t have, is your brain.

So how are you conditioning it? Are you maximizing on your potential?

We spend so much time on physical preparation and development and yet if we spent just a small percentage of that time on our mental training, the difference would be exponential.

Think of the body like a Formula 1 racing car. Are you driving it as well as you know it can be driven? Or do you know it can give you more, and you are just not quite sure how to get there?

Learn how to:

  • Choose the coach that shares your vision and get you to where you want to go.
  • Overcome fear and anxiety … and how this strategy can unlock greater levels of success
  • Take a more professional approach to your sport. Deconstruct what you are doing, analyse and reconstruct.
  • Stop the downward spiral in confidence often suffered by athletes. Get out of the rut and back in the game.

It’s one thing to know what to do, it’s another thing to know how to do it.

So what are you doing to maximize on your performance?

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As a coach…

Are you getting the most from your athletes?

Are your athletes appreciating and hearing your input as a coach?

In any elite sport, every athlete is so close in their physical ability. The difference is so small between every one in the field, and it is the athlete who has the strongest mindset, belief, mental preparation and emotional stability before and on the day who will achieve all they set out to.

Learn how to choose the athletes you will work with, rather than them choose you. There are 7 Vital Questions to ask yourself and an athlete, before working together.

You will learn:

  • the one technique that needs to be nurtured and cultivated above any other aspect of training, in order for teams to be effective in their game plan.
  • how to avoid the most common mistake coaches take their athletes through, that will hinder their performance (hint: it’s all about Coachability versus Compatibility).
  • The 3 Phase process that will allow athletes to overcome nerves, every time. The key aspect to replicate in any successful training system into a successful competition.

Smart Coach | Smart Athlete helps turn both your physical and mental ability into a winning combination. Let us teach you how to be a champion using high performance mind coaching.

This is what every top coach needs to know about how to successfully coach their athletes to a podium finish.

Smart Athlete Smart Coach Quadrant

Athletes and Coaches…

You didn’t go through all that training, study, effort, money and time, to just get by, did you?

And you didn’t give up your evenings and weekends for competitions, just to do this as a hobby.

Simply, you became a coach or athlete to transform your life and those around you.

And of course, you deserve to be recognised for that – with the rewards, lifestyle and freedom that all the top coaches and athletes enjoy.

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Over 2 intensive days, you will discover:

  • What is hypnosis really, and how can it help an athlete prepare for performance?
  • How to manage anxiety levels pre-performance, learn how to handle change.
  • What is mental toughness, and how do I develop it?
  • How to use mind coaching as a means of overcoming injury. If the mind can make the body sick (stress) the mind can make the body well.
  • How to let go of frustration and move onto the next step in your evolution.
  • 2 ways to protect yourself from negativity when you can’t feasibly end a toxic relationship (say, with a team member, or relative).
  • The most important thing you need to become if you want to do better in your profession as a coach or athlete, regardless of your qualifications

It’s more than just the ‘what’ it’s the ‘how’ – and it’s more than just the ‘how’ – it is putting it into practice.

These vital skills will enable you to trust your internal judgment, removing the need to be reactive and act without planning.  So when you enter competition, you will possess a neurological blueprint for success.

Trusting yourself to stay on that path is all in the planning.

It is all about performing smarter under pressure.

When:  15-16 March or 19-20 July or 13-14 September 2014
9.00 am – 5.00 pm (Registration 8.30 am)
Where:  Sydney, venue TBA
Cost:  $1195 (when paid in full) inclusive GST and Lunch

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