Welcome to the Smart Mind 5 Minute Coaching Clinic

What would you give to be amongst a select few coaches and athletes who know precisely how to perform calmly and effectively in the face of pressure?

Our objective here at the Smart Mind Institute is to help athletes and coaches to perform smarter.

One of the ways we achieve this is by helping athletes and coaches understand the cognitive, mental and emotional management of their behaviour, so they can utilise that to their advantage.

It’s All About Using Your Smarts!

In understanding what we do naturally, whether it be through our natural language patterns or our natural behavioural patterns – an awareness of our unconscious tendencies allows athletes and coaches to structure and perform successfully on a more reliable and replicable basis.

The Smart Mind Coaching Clinic is designed to deliver key coaching information in easily digestible and implementable chunks that you can add to your existing coaching program in just 5 minutes each and every week.

Who’s On Your Team?

Consider who is on your team…

Your crew should deliver more value to you than you could possibly achieve on your own. And that is a benchmark we set for ourselves when creating these coaching sessions.

Each video coaching session will cover a valuable new topic each week. To make it easier for you, we will deliver these 5 minute videos to your inbox each week so you can enjoy them in your coffee break (or at half time over an orange segment 🙂 )

Simply click here to start your coaching, and we will take care of the rest (it’s absolutely FREE, you start straight away and you can opt out at anytime).


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