Start Competing Like a Champion Half Day Workshop

Smart Mind Institute | Compete Like a ChampionA Hands-On and Mind-On Practical Clinic for Competitive Athletes.

As a former International Gymnast, Elite Coach and FIG Judge, I have witnessed, been part of, and organised many competitions.

The exciting culmination of weeks, months and sometimes even a whole seasons worth of work crescendoing into that one precise performance – that pinnacle presentation at that single moment in time…

This is it!

The make or break of your season, your International selection and maybe even your career can come down to how you bring together all that training to sell “you” in-front of that panel of judges for those few minutes.

Smart Mind Institute | Compete Like a ChampionAnd as you stand there, waiting for your turn to perform, your mind darts to “Have I done enough?”… “Can I do one more somersault, one more leap or one more …?”

You begin to analyse your technique all over again, doubt the ‘now’ moment and seek confirmation that everything will be OK, the chatter in your mind, the growling in the pit of your tummy and the nervous shakes of your kneecaps.

And then your coach says something to you that triggers a completely different tangent of thought, a different set of questions, concerns and emotions, and you find yourself asking
– “Can I go home now?”

This headspace is somewhere all of us have been as competitors, a place we know all too well and dread.

This is a place that has a massive impact on our ability to perform. This is an internal trigger that fires off time after time, creating a completely different athlete from the one who was nailing their routines and skills in the gym.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

What if you had a system that kept you calm, focused and on the ball? A replicable process that was designed specifically for you. A checklist, a pattern and reliable performance key at your beck and call?

What if you could eliminate all those destructive emotions, corrosive questioning and nervous behaviours? What if you could create a personalised and replicable system of behaviours and triggers that gave you the outcome you need, want and deserve!

What if competition days were just like training days!

When I formed the Smart Mind Institute™ the outcome was to manage athletes mental, emotional and cognitive development.

And so we set about designing and engineering a set of processes and trainings that specifically met those needs of the real, frontline elite athletes.

Being competition ready and mentally tough is a performance reality for every elite athlete and so we built the hands-on and mind-on clinics to help athletes find their own system, their own approach and formulate the replicable and reliable structure.

And as you know… if you don’t get competition nerves under control, don’t manage performance and you don’t perform – your competitors will!

Smart Mind Institute | Compete Like a ChampionThis half day programme is designed specifically for athletes like us – athletes who understand the needs, the requirements and want something that works!

Every attendee will leave with a programme that is their own.

So before you get back on to the performance rollercoaster sign up and attend this action packed, content rich clinic.

You will kick yourself if you don’t!

When:  Saturday, 6th December 2014 or Saturday, 31st January 2015
9.00 am – 1.00 pm (Registration 8.30 am)
Where:  Cronulla NSW
Cost:  $99.00* inclusive GST

* Bonus – Every athlete attending can (and should) bring their coach, so as a bonus, for this event your coach is welcome to attend for FREE!

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Additional Bonus – All attendees receive a FREE copy of my Best Selling print book “Mind the Gap: The Science Behind the Sporting Mind” valued at $24.95, available for collection on the day. Register your place now.

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