What Others Say: Jake Parsons

“Before I started working with Dave, my performances were a bit inconsistent. I had some really good ones, but then I’d go to a race expecting to do really well and I just didn’t perform.

I felt like I needed someone to coach me mentally. I felt physically and mentally I was able to do it, but not all the time.” 

“So I looked outside of normal training techniques and thought if I can get the edge over some of my competitors that they are not doing – definitely I should go for that.

The biggest things I have learnt from the Smart Mind Institute is that I am capable of being at the top level and competing at my best, but I need some help with that to be consistently doing that.

I think people in a similar situation to me should definitely look at going and getting a mind coach. It’s just one of those areas where people don’t pay too much attention to, but it’s vital in improving your performances and being consistently at your best.

The greatest thing about working with Dave has been the chats we’ve had (and the jokes that he makes) – but the ways that he can help me in improving my performances is the biggest bonus. And he’s had the experience himself of being an athlete so he knows the situation I am in and the circumstances that I face and the best ways to approach them.”

Jake Parsons – Australian Formula Ford Racing Car Driver – Rookie of the Year 2013

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